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School Technology

Having modern technology devices across your campus is necessary. From computerized testing to Common Core, technology is beginning to intertwine itself with every layer of a school. We make sure you choose the technology that best fits your the students, teachers & staff, leadership and IT. 

Creative Services

Every school needs a website to display their vision, and there is tremendous opportunity for organic interaction with stakeholders through social media. We have the creative capacity to visually represent your beliefs and we are savvy enough to deliver that message to all who will listen through the many modern forms of communication.

Square Your Campus

There are so many ways we can help your school by showing you how technology can be used as a tool to help you work smarter, faster and with more creativity and imagination. Improve communication, collaboration and productivity across your campus.


School Technology

Continuous innovations over the last few years in technology hardware have made many high quality devices available to educational institutions on limited budgets. We have experiences with a variety of core technology devices in educational settings and it has shaped a knowledge of what works best from all perspectives – from the students, to the teachers to the IT staff.

We do not have partnerships with manufacturers, wholesalers or third parties of any kind. This frees us to find and offer you the best hardware pricing available. We scour all sources for the best pricing on the quantities you need. We will facilitate the entire process between you and the chosen vendor for an easy transaction.
Setup & Configuration
We will setup and configure your technology so it is ready for use at your school. Every step of the way, from unpackaging to global settings to app configuration and setup in carts. We can offer suggestions on settings and apps; or you provide us with a description of exactly how you want it configured – either way, be assured we will have your technology ready to go.

Remote Support
Always have someone to email, chat, text or call when you want to make a change or something goes wrong with your technology. Should our technology specialists not be able to address your request remotely, we will add it to our task list for the next site visit.
Site Visits
We will work with you to schedule site visits to address hardware and software requests for your technology.  By using our remote support to collect the issues as they appear, we can consolidate our site visits according to the amount of devices on campus. This efficiency allows us to offer services that ensure your technology is prepped and maintained through out its life cycle at a tremendous value.

Creative Services

Design & Development
Our strategy is a clean and elegant design while accurately representing the brand and identity of your organization. We will implement the latest features modern web development has to offer. Critical information should be easily found, pictures should accurately represent your school and graphics match your overall design identity.
On-Going Technical Support
Have peace of mind that someone with the expertise is keeping tabs on your website and is available to solve any problems that may come up. We will ensure it continues to function properly and troubleshoot when it isn’t.
Update & Development Hours
Subscribe to an allotment of hours dedicated to updating content and developing your website. Have the convenience of your own on-demand web developer to ensure you have the resources and flexibility to quickly develop and launch new website features.


Create a Presence
Billions of people use social media, and its not just your average teenager. Social Media has changed the way many people communicate, and its your avenue to reach them. We will help you develop a clean, professional presence on the social media platforms that make sense for your school.
Social Media Concierge
Ensure your participation in the social media conversations about your school. We will keep tabs on where you come up across the internet and make sure you have the opportunity to respond and address those instances.
Update & Development Hours
Subscribe to an allotment of hours dedicated to updating content and developing your social media accounts. There are endless opportunities for you to engage your audience through creative campaigns on popular platforms. Subscribing to our services allow you to quickly develop and launch a new campaign whenever you want.


Graphic Design
From logo design to identity guides, we can help you carve a graphic identity that fits you. Our efficient work processes give you a clean and professional image at fractions of what big creative firms charge.
Print Material
We’ve got you covered with all your print needs. Business cards, flyers, brochures, newsletters and everything else – just ask and we will create it for you. We work with the best print companies around that can meet any need, from short notice prints to value pricing.
On-Demand Hours
Subscribe to an allotment of hours dedicated to providing your graphic and print needs when you need them at value pricing.


Square Your Campus

At our core, we are Educational Technologists. We desperately want to see technology used as tools across every school campus, and we believe we can help you figure out which tools will best help your campus.
From efficiencies to classroom applications, we offer a wealth of knowledge on any situation you believe technology or creativity can be used.

We offer pre-packaged services for items that every school needs to complete, but don’t always have the in-house resources to address with the quality you expect. This includes WASC Accreditation Wikis and the new SBAC testing. Inquire for more information.

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